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Revolutionizing The

Massage Experience Since 2004

Massage Gift was born in the later part of 2004. It was an idea that was formed over time. An unimaginable amount of hard work went into learning from our experiences. After gathering all of the information, facts, data and knowledge we pressed on. We knew that we wanted to do something different with the massage industry. We did not want the same experience for therapist and the clients. We wanted more. We wanted something better. Something revolutionary... It is not just about the fact that we have an amazing mobile app it is more about the quality and diversity of what we provide, how we treat our clients and how we treat our staff.


It is one thing to be a business person and run a massage business, it is another thing altogether to be massage therapists/estheticians of 40 combined years experience and business women. That is what the owners of Massage Gift have to offer. We have mountains of experience and we know what it takes. 


We want to thank every single person that has contributed to what Massage Gift became and what it will grow into.

- Staff & Owners Massage Gift

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